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Paperboard Tubes For Pre-rolled Joints

These are paperboard tubes for pre-rolled joints Traditionally, plastic vials are often used to manage pre rolls. Instead of sticking a label onto a plastic vial more and more cannabis brand owners are looking for more premium packaging solutions.This is why we offer custom printed cardboard tube for pre rolls. It's up to you to store your pre-rolls directly inside the tube or let our paper tube work with your plastic vial.

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Wholesale Pre Roll Tubes 

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Despite the myriad of ways to smoke cannabis, joints and blunts still top the list of “go-to” standbys. They are simple, classic, and reliable.

But storing and/or traveling with them can be a challenge. Custom joint and blunt tubes offer the perfect solution. Wholesale pre-roll tubes can be used with joints, blunts, and pre-rolled cones, providing superior protection, portability, discretion, and freshness.

Our custom joint and blunt tubes are produced under the highest quality standards and designed to offer a number of benefits your customers can rely on.


We are a long way from perfect cannabis packaging. An earth conscious paperpackaging manufacturer, Yarktech is on mission to create earth friendly and cost effective paper packaging for the booming cannabis industry.

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