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CR Pre Roll Joint Cardboard Tube

Our child-resistant Pre-Roll tubes are the most convenient way to package pre-rolls. You can have standard plastic pre-roll tubes or a glass tube depending on your needs. These tubes can be printed on directly with screen printing, or we can make custom stickers to place on the outside to indicate various strains for example.


CR Pre roll Joint Cardboard Tube

What Are Pre Roll Tubes?

A pre roll tube is just a container for a joint. They’re designed to keep pre rolls fresh, safe from harm, and locked away from children. As you surely know, child resistant caps are required in most states at this point, as are tamper evident labels/packaging. Of course, you can also put blunts into a doob tube. So, no matter if you need a blunt container or a joint tube, we’ve got you covered with something compliant.

Pre roll tubes are not meant to hold flower by itself, although some consumers will stuff a little bit of weed into these tubes at their own discretion. That is because joint tubes can be smell proof. The use of these containers as a cannabis tube is popular amongst the youth. While we do not recommend using one as a weed tube container, your consumers will do as they please with the tube after they purchase it from you.Pre roll blunt tubes are sometimes completely cylindrical in shape, like a traditional tube. However, they may also be more cone-like, to perfectly cradle those beautiful pre rolls or blunts.


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