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Child Resistant Paper Slide Case

Rigid slider boxes are widely used in cannabis product packaging,especially for vape cartridges. It's popular due to its sturdy material,user-friendly sliding structure, and high-quality printing effect.


Child Proof Vape Cartridge Custom Packaging

Child proof packaging, usually called CR packaging, is a special type of packaging. Manufacturers use it to reduce the risk of children eating harmful substances, because the design of this type of packaging makes it difficult for children to open. However, the manufacturer’s design approach allows most adults to use the items in the package.

We developed this box for vape cartridge, 1ml glass syringe, vape pen and it has become another "best- - seller" among our packaging solutions.

A high-quality foam insert/papercard insert with a custom-size cavity is included to center and protect your vape cartridge, glass syringe safely.


Child Resistant Packaging


Child Resistant Packaging

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