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Child Resistance Chocolate Tin Case

CR007 Child resistance Chocolate Tin Case is designed not only for CBD chocolate, but also for many other CBD products, such as CBD vape cartridge, vape pen, preroll and gummies, etc.Just need to make different inserts to fit for different products.



CBD chocolate child proof tin case


Regular lids/Child-Resistant lids


15mm (food grade tinplate)




Customized size you are looking for, match your needs.




Preroll,joint,confectionery,cosmetic,powder,pills,flowers,dry product,edibles,candy,gummy,food and non-food.


FDA,SGS, CR certificate


●Inner size is 100*70*13mm

●Recyclable tinplate material

●Hidden child proof function in the sides of the cover

●Custom logo and design on the surface of the case

●Custom different shapes of inserts for different products

●Inserts can be EVA or cardboard, up to different products

●Stainless steel color and black for options

Q1: Comparing with paper packaging, what’s the advantage of tin case packaging?

A: Tinplate box has a strong pressure resistance, and the waterproof performance is better than the carton.Tinplate box to some extent to make up for the shortage of carton and plastic box packaging.Moreover, it is crucial that the iron box can be recycled for many times after use, effectively avoiding the unnecessary waste of resources, and the market and use value of the iron box has been further affirmed by consumers.

Q2: How do you make my logo and design on the tin case? What’s the surface finishing on the tin case?

A: Generally there are 5 kinds of surface finishing on tin case.

1.Matte varnish: It makes tinplate box surface lackluster but have paper feeling and adornment effect of classic simple but elegant very much.

2.Rubber varnish: this kind of effect cost is more expensive, touches soft, a bit like cloth art to feel, do not have the feeling of iron completely.

3.Glossy: Glossy tinplate boxes look brighter and reflect light.

Q3: Can I see the CR certificate for this CR007 metal tin case?

A: Sure. The certificate will be sent to you after we received your enquiry.

Q4: Does it only designed for CBD chocolate? Can I put other products into the tin case?

A: Sure you can. CR007 is suitable for many product packaging, such as CBD chocolate, preroll, vape cartridge/ vape pen, gummies and so on. Just need to custom different inserts for different products.

Q5:What’s the lead time?

A: Generally it takes 9-15 working days for OEM order.


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