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Cartridge Child Lock Box

This is our CR series paper tube. There is a child lock function, and it has passed the US CFR 1700.20 certification. It has a simple appearance and a good feel. We provide customized services, and meet the requirements, we can customize samples and mail them to you.


Yarktech teaches you how to attract consumers' attention to product packaging

First: Artistic concept

The packaging box should also have perfect artistry. Packaging boxes are an art that directly beautifies products. Goods with exquisite packaging and high artistic appreciation value are more likely to jump out of a lot of goods, give people a beautiful enjoyment, and thus win the favor of consumers.

Second: Visual Concept

The essential feature of visual communication is simplicity and clarity. Too much modified content will only cause mutual interference, make it difficult to highlight the theme of the packaging, not only affect the visual impact, but also may mislead consumers' thinking. The brand image is mainly composed of the image of the manufacturer, the image of the user, the image of the product itself, and the image of the brand itself. It can be regarded as a complete brand image.

So we can carry out customized packaging according to the above concepts.

The procedure of custom packaging

◆Got your ideal packaging design

◆Create a template accordingly

◆Providing the template to customers for the design

◆Pre-production sample(digital proof sample) arrangement

◆Sample is confirmed

◆Starting mass production



Child Resistant Packaging


Child Resistant Packaging

Custom Packaging

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