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Chid Resistant Prerolled Cones Packaging

CR004-means child resistant 004 versions,It is a rigid cardboad customizable preroll cones box packaging, the child lock button is set on the back of the box, the box is flexible that can be customized for different packs says 2pack,3pack,5pack,6pack,7pack,8pack,10pack


This is a very versatile packaging CR004,the inner card can be customized according to the different requirements of customers.

There are few recommended for options

1) The insert cardboard can be made to be individual dividers to keep every preroll to be packed separately

2) If matches is necessary,it can be keep for a room for matches with preroll dividers 

3) For the most  cost-optimal insert, you can go with no dividers, this will be greatly reduce the cost

4) Or keep two separated space, one slot is for matches and another for preroll cones to be packed all together ( no dividers)

There are also different cavity to be offered for options #1 Fully cavity  #2 middle cavity  # 2/3 full cavity

2 pack, 3 pack, 4pack, 5pack, 6pack, 10pack insert cardboard for options

Except for this CR004 models, there are more box design for preroll, such as cigarette box type, Magnet box, Preroll tin case 

For 8 or 10 preroll pack, in order to lower the unit cost and shipping cost ( the smaller box the lower cost), it's recommended to put 2 preroll into a cavity, that is 2 x 4=8 pack or 2 x 5=10 pack, this will be greatly reduce the box dimension and less carvity, the recommended box are below


How to get correct template to start box design

Step 1: Advise the preroll size ( the picture is listing universal models)

Step 2: If your preroll is not listing in the picture, please provide the overall length and the wider diameter

Step3: Confirm how many pack in a box

Step4: Choose your preference box style

Step5: Confirm with/without dividers

Step6: Template done

How to limit the preroll drying too fast

Answers: If you have shrink wrapping machine, it's recommended to wrap the box with PE bag to keep the preroll moisture


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Child Resistant Packaging

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