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Certified Child Resistant Vape Packaging

If you need vape cartridge boxes, and packaging solutions that meet the latest regulatory trends, you are at the right stop. We offer child resistant vape cartridge containers in various sizes. These cartridges are important in this growing industry and deserve unique child protection packaging solutions. At Yarktech, we can print your brand name, logo and other details on the custom child resistant vape cartridge containers


Child Resistant Certified Vape Packaging

Trendy Box Styles for Distinctive Look 
Vape isn't just devoured by the smokers who need to stop smoking, yet additionally by the ones who are style-cognizant. They need to seem novel in a crowd and draw in the individuals in the environmental factors thus, they go for the in vogue approaches to add to their character. It's trying to convince them in vogue people in picking a brand over others when there is a gigantic assortment. Yarktech makes the packaging boxes in creative shape and charming design which helps in persuading the possibilities. 

If you are a vape oil producer and need to boost your sales through engaging packaging, send us an email at We are accessible all day, every day for guidance and help with box making.     

Through the details of the above picture, you should observe that there are different bright surfaces and complex lines on the box.

We use a variety of processes, but not only these, we have more, wait until you find and combination. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact me


Child Resistant Packaging


Child Resistant Packaging

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