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CBD Vape Paper Box Packaging

Our have high-end gift boxes available for retail and wholesale. And can be customized design and production, has the advantage of factory direct sales price.


Many people ask if the product should not be labeled with CBD or if the contents of the CBD should be labeled. It's true that there are many different labeling methods for CBD products on the market today, and for many reasons, labeling a CBD is beneficial from a consumer-attracting perspective. This is because CBD has become the language of celebrities on the Internet, and it has become very well known and communicated. To understand why, high (CBD caution than NBA, see Taylor Swift) Some brands don't label CBD directly.

As long as the FDA does not allow CBD to be used for food, beverages and dietary supplements, this confusion of labeling will continue, and it will give manufacturers a lot of trouble. Manufacturers may have to prepare different labels and packaging according to the destination of product sales ( The company’s official website sales will be simpler, only need to meet the regulations of the state).

The consideration of exporting products to other countries is more complicated. For example, when exporting to Asian countries, since CBD is not a pharmaceutical raw material prescribed by these countries, theoretically there is no essential difference between hemp extract and CBD. It still depends on whether the customs of these countries These products are managed as cannabis hemp, and some customs agencies just look at whether there is THC, which is much easier to handle.

However, we see that more and more products in the United States have the word CBD, and due to the decline in the price of CBD raw materials, it is easier to guarantee the CBD content in more products, so more products will clearly mark the CBD content. The situation has put greater pressure on the US FDA and other federal departments and the public health management departments of various states to be more tolerant of products that label CBD. The same is true for cosmetics in China. At present, some brave manufacturers have clearly marked CBD on the product packaging, although hemp leaf extract is still used in the ingredient column.

Of course, there are some manufacturers that have taken a unique approach, instead of using the common CBD isolate crystals or full/broad spectrum hemp oil on the market, but directly using water extraction and other methods to directly use hemp extract in cosmetics or beverages. In this case The CBD content is not the advantage of their products. Usually they will emphasize the technology's solvent-free pollution and more natural features to attract consumers. However, in the end, whether CBD is labeled or not, it may ultimately be the consumer's preference that will ultimately play a role. If consumers are confused about what is CBD and what is hemp seeds and other products that do not contain CBD ingredients, this market will not be easy.

Yarktech▕ Packaging Details
Paper type

-Coated paper

-Kraft paper

-Art paper

-Corrugated board

-Paper board etc.

Paper thickness




-400gsm etc.


-Glossy lamination

-Matte lamination

-UV Coating

-Hot stamping






-Panton color

-Metallic Ink

-UV printing

-Fluorescent printing


-Foam insert

-Blister insert

-Plastic insert

-Flocking insert



-Transparent window


-Vape cartridge

-Vape battery

-Vape pens

-Starter kits

-Container jars

-Pre-rolls etc.

Artwork format






-Cartridge Package box

-Package box

-Custom package box


Q:What is MOQ ?

A: The MOQ is 2000 pcs for custom order

Q:Can I get my logo on the products?

A: Sure. We also provide custom packaging design.

Q: What's the cooperation delivery?

A: DHL, Fedex, Ups and so on.

Q: What's your extra service? And do you have after sales service?

A: Yes, we'll reply within 12h.


Child Resistant Packaging


Child Resistant Packaging

Custom Packaging

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