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CBD Vape Cart Packaging

To enhance or have better brand recognition, most people search for the best custom vape cartridge packaging boxes. It is true; no one likes to display unappealing looking poxes. Whether it is an addiction, or you need to make a presence in the market, we can help you. You need to have the best packaging to keep the vape cartridge protected and safe, at the same time ensure the product should entice customers. At Yarktech, we use premium quality materials to create custom vape cartridge boxes. This will help to keep the e-cigarettes fresh as well.

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CBD Vape Cart Packaging

Craft Printing Materials
Foil-Stamping(Hot stamping) CMYK 4 color offset printing Kraft Paper
Embossing fluorescent printing Art Paper
Glossy  panton color Cardboard
Lamination UV printing Blister
Matt Lamination

UV Coating  




CR series packagingSurface Treatment

Yarktech makes sure to use only the finest quality materials to keep your vape cartridge safe. Along with the stock quality, we also focus on the style and the design of the boxes. To promote your work, we use high-quality boxes only. For custom boxes, we use materials like Kraft paper, corrugated boxes and others. You may also choose die-cut vape cartridge boxes or sleeve style boxes. What makes our boxes special is the fact that they are:

Eco-friendly: If you are searching for an eco-friendly choice, you can go with Kraft boxes. They are safe and will not hurt the environment. Also, they are biodegradable in nature and recyclable.

Corrugated Material: For shipping purposes, we recommend that you choose corrugated boxes. It consists of flutes, as well as flat linerboards. This quality makes it the best material to deliver fragile and sensitive products like vape cartridges.

Rigid: The thickness of these boxes can go up to 32pt. The name also suggests that the material of the box is rigid and used for susceptible and fragile products.

For the wholesale custom vape cartridge boxes, we have a wide range of card stock options available. Abundant in quantity, we have affordable packages for these boxes available.


Q: What's the minimum of a customized order ?

A: We recommend starting from 2K, so that you can get a better starting price. If 2K is too much at the beginning, 1K is also feasible .


Q: Can I get samples for testing before bulk order? How long does it take ?

A: It will take about 3 working days if it's just a normal sample without logo. If you need to print your logo there, depending on the complexity of the product, generally 7 working days.


Q: How about the time frame for a bulk order ?

A: Orders less than 5000 usually take 15-17 working days; orders of 5K -10K usually take 17-19 working days. The specific time limit needs to be determined according to the complexity of the order


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Custom Packaging


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