THC CBD Pod Vape THC CBD Pod Vape
THC CBD Pod Vape THC CBD Pod Vape
THC CBD Pod Vape THC CBD Pod Vape
THC CBD Pod Vape THC CBD Pod Vape

THC CBD Pod Vape


This CBD pod vape pen (CDP1) 1. It has a stylish and compact hand feel, which is easy to carry and use. 2. And the charging interface is designed at the bottom, which will not be a waste of CBD oil and can be used completely. 3. The ceramic heating core is used to improve the taste and make every bite pure. 4. We support one-stop services such as customized logo and packaging.

Product Description

THC CBD Pod Vape

The characteristics of this CBD vape pen:

1. Using anodized aluminum alloy shell, and its thickness is 7.5mm, the overall size is 98mmx16mm, just the size of a palm, 16g weight,coupled with excellent surface technology, it has a very good appearance and feel.

2. Use 350mAh, A grade lithium battery. With a good battery life, our designers considered that there may be surplus CBD/THC oil remaining. And add a USB charging port at the bottom of it to charge it anytime, anywhere.

3. Because ordinary oil can use ordinary vape, but when used in high-concentration oil, it will bring bad taste and burnt results. Therefore, we specially designed such a POD vape for 75%-85% CBD THC thick oil, so that high-concentration products can also be fully atomized and a good user experience

4. We support the Silk screen & laser printing process of logo to meet the most basic requirements of each customer. At the same time, in order to meet the higher requirements of our customers, we also support a set of programs such as the customization of the oil inlet, the customization of the pod vape color, and the customization of the packaging.

If you are interested, please contact us. I believe that professionals will bring you less troubles and worries

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