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Empty Ceramic Disposable Vape Pen Cbd

Yark CDP1 disposable vape pen is easy to portable pod, Work well for Delta 8 THC and CBD oil, it's made by ceramic coil, Provide pure taste and feeling more amazing


Empty ceramic disposable vape pen cbd

CDP1 Advantages:

1. All materials of the atomizer meet FDA heavy metal standards

2. Open the side window to observe the oil quantity at any time

3. The micro usb charging connector is hidden at the bottom, which 100% solves the problem that the battery is exhausted and not exhausted.

4. The 4th generation BBGEAR D ceramic atomizing core, which generates heat quickly, and is more suitable for thick CBD/THC oil

Product specifications

ModelYark CDP1 Pod
Heating Coil
Ceramic Coil 
Capacity0.5ml, 0.8ml, 1.0ml 
Intake holes size4*1.2mm 
Battery350mAh, rechargeable 
Output Voltage3.5v
ColorSilver/ black/ gold/ rose gold/ gunmetal/ custom
Filling oilTop filling

1.Is this CDP1 vape pen rechargeable or non-rechargeable Answer: It’s a rechargeable vape pen with micro USB charging port at the bottom 2.What’s the battery capacity Answer: the battery capacity is 350mAh of A level battery cell 3.What’s the top cartridge capacity Answer: the cartridge have full 1 gram and 1/2 gram available 4.Is it screw on or press in mouthpiece Answer: both screw on and press in mouthpiece are available 5.Is the vape pen customizable Answer: yes, welcome custom logo on the vape pen as well as  custom color 6.Can I get sample before real order Answer: sample is very welcome 7.How long does the production take once the order is confirmed Answer: 20+ days after the order is confirmed, the lead time is dependent on the order quantity


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Child Resistant Packaging

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