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Disposable CBD Pod

The best CBD vape pens are the best because they are small, portable devices that are affordable and easy-to-use. They are becoming popular thanks to the legalization of recreational marijuana. CBD vape pens are different from other devices only because of the material being vaped. Other concentrates produces a stronger, more mind-altering “high”. Vaping CBD gives off a mellower and smoother effect, which is why it is popular as a medicinal remedy.


Product specifications

Model Yark CDP1 Pod
Heating Coil
Ceramic Coil 
Capacity 0.5ml, 0.8ml, 1.0ml 
Intake holes size 4*1.2mm 
Battery 350mAh, rechargeable 
Output Voltage 3.5v
Dimension 88*16*7.5(mm)
Weight 17g
Color Silver/ black/ gold/ rose gold/ gunmetal/ custom
Filling oil Top filling

  1. Is this CDP1 vape pen rechargeable or non-rechargeable

    Answer: It’s a rechargeable vape pen with micro USB charging port at the bottom

  2. What’s the battery capacity

    Answer: the battery capacity is 350mAh of A level battery cell

  3. What’s the top cartridge capacity

    Answer: the cartridge have full 1 gram and 1/2 gram available

  4. Is it screw on or press in mouthpiece

    Answer: both screw on and press in mouthpiece are available

  5. Is the vape pen customizable

    Answer: yes, welcome custom logo on the vape pen as well as  custom color

  6. Can I get sample before real order

    Answer: sample is very welcome

  7. How long does the production take once the order is confirmed

    Answer: 20+ days after the order is confirmed, the lead time is dependent on the order quantity


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