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Compatible CBD Vape Pods

This CBD pods vape pen is a all-in-one disposable vape pen, it is stable vape pen with rechargeable,1.0ml capacity and it works for different kinds of oil. It's the same size as a lighter,light and portable, we can enjoy it any time and anywhere.


Compatible CBD Vape Pods

The CBD CDP3 Rechargeable Vape Pen offers continuous, consistent use without losing any of its effectiveness in supplying you with a premium vaping experience.  From its sleek, white and black appearance to its incredibly simple operational instructions, this vapor pen is sure to please each and every one of your senses.  Considered by many to be the future of vapor pens, this piece of technological prowess is a frontrunner in the CBD vapor world.


Function description of CBD Pods Vape Pen:

Tank: 1.0ml

Internal Battery: 280mAh
Coil Resistance: 1.4 Ω
Charging Time: 40 minute
Charging Port: Micro USB Cable
Note: This pen is draw activated with no ON/OFF button.

Product specifications:

Model CBD compatible pod vape pen-CDP 3
Heating Coil
Square ceramic core
Capacity 1.0ml 
Resistance 1.4Ω
Battery 280MAH, rechargeable 
Output Voltage 3.5v
Dimension 80*21*12(mm)
Weight 18.5g
Color black/ white/ custom
Filling oil 4 holes,  4*1.2mm and custom


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Child Resistant Packaging

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