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CBD Pod Vape Pen

This CBD pod vape pen (CDP1)

1. It has a stylish and compact hand feel, which is easy to carry and use.

2. And the charging interface is designed at the bottom, which will not be a waste of CBD oil and can be used completely.

3. The ceramic heating core is used to improve the taste and make every bite pure.

4. We support one-stop services such as customized logo and packaging.


CBD Pod Vape Pen

The characteristics of this CBD vape pen :

1. It can be charged, when there is no electricity, it can be charged anytime and anywhere.

2. The atomizer at the top is a disposable pod as a cartridge tank. It is disposable, and it is more hygienic and healthy to use.

3. The pod of the ceramic heating core has good oil conductivity and atomization effect. The most important thing is that there are no heavy metal residues (we passed the heavy metal inspection)

4. The style is small, simple and high-end. Have advantages that other styles do not have, and increase consumers' desire to buy.

We are an OEM factory for e-cigarettes and supporting products in Shenzhen, China, with R&D strength and strict production standards, and a complete set of customized products.


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Child Resistant Packaging

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