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CBD Disposable Cigarette Pen

CDP2 CBD disposable cigarette pen is stable disposable vape pen with rechargeable,It's work for thick oil. And get a big cloud,The diamond design looks nice.


CBD disposable cigarette pen

CBD disposable cigarette pen inherit everything from CDP1, with improved heating performance and better inhalation experience. CDP1 is equipped with industry-leading Matrex™ ceramic heating technology and an innovative silica gel filter cap designed by diamond shape, which effectively speeds up the heating process and effectively reduces 99% of the respiration. The use of high-quality raw materials ensures a high degree of flavor restoration from the first steam to the last. In addition, the design of the panoramic glass window allows you to see the changes of cannabis oil at 360° anytime, anywhere. A series of extraordinary functions brings an excellent e-cigarette experience, which makes CDP1 an ideal choice for professional cannabis atomization solutions.


Function description of CBD disposable cigarette pen:

1) Air switch

2) Cobalt stone window

3) The USB charging port at the bottom supports secondary charging

4) The cigarette holder is pressed and buckled, and cannot be opened for second oil injection

5) This product is for one-time use

Product specifications


Model CDP2 E-Cig Disposable Cbd Pen Vaporizer
Heating Coil
Square ceramic core
Capacity 1.0ml 
Resistance 1.4Ω
Battery 280MAH, rechargeable 
Output Voltage 3.5v
Dimension 88*16*7.5(mm)
Weight 18g
Color Silver/ black/ gold/ rose gold/ gunmetal/ custom
Filling oil 1 hole (cannot be customized) without cotton


Product Category


Child Resistant Packaging

Custom Packaging


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