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510 CBD Vape Carts

It is difficult to find first-class quality CBD vape cartridges. Finding the perfect ink cartridge brand can be time-consuming. However, we have carried out the following information to make the process of finding valuable CBD vape cartridges as simple as possible.


510 CBD vape carts 

At first, the brand was limited to the production of e-cigarette juice, but over time, they expanded their production and added other CBD products, such as 510 CBD vape carts, e-cigarette pens, food and tinctures. This has now become a difference between them among other companies.

Although there are other ways to ingest CBD, 510 CBD vape carts allow you to absorb most of the products into your body, thus bringing you the most pleasant and promising results. CBD can prove its beneficial effects on people by helping people get rid of anxiety-related diseases


Model C8 Bottom seal 510 CBD Cartridge 
Heating Coil
ceramic core
Capacity 1.0ml 
Resistance 1.4Ω
Battery 510 thread
Ceramic and Metal tips
Dimension 67*10.5
Weight 16g
Logo/Intake holes/color etc
Intake holes 4*2.0mm/4*1.8mm.


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Child Resistant Packaging

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