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510 Thread Vape Cartridge

C3 metal cartridge is designed for thick CBD and THC oil with ceramic coil and leak-proof technology.


C3 Cartridge

Model name

C3 Cartridge


0.5ml / 1.0ml


Chrome/ gold/ gun-metal

Intake oil holes

4*1.6mm/ 4*2.0mm / customized


510 thread


Ceramic tip




10mm*53mm/ 65.5mm



Features of Athena C1

1.Choose the oil hole according to your consistency of your oil, 4*2.0mm/4*1.6mm inlet oil hole.

2.Top filling, easy to fill from top 

3.Ceramic coil produce the larger cloud with great taste and prevent the heating coil from burning.

4.High clear Pyrex glass material,  anti-broken.

5.No leaking. The thread in the mouthpiece is perfect to touch the cartridge body without skewing, great sealing function to prevent oil from leaking.

6.The design of the flat mouthpiece is humanized to adopt customer’s mouth.  

7.The 2.5 mm airflow holes make the could volume rise quickly and large, getting the smokers feel more smooth.

Notice for oil injection & cartridge storage

1.Check: check whether the silicone is completed ( If the silicone ring is lost, the sealing is not tight).

2. Oil filling: make sure to cover the mouthpiece immediately after oil is filling (one by one, do not over 1 min).

3. Check: make sure the mouthpiece is screwed/covered on tightly ( if it’s not screw tightly, the air will goes into the tube causes leaking).

4. Heating oil temperature:the suggested filling oil temperature should below 40°C ( the higher temperature of the oil, the faster flowing).

5. Storage & transportation: keep you cartridge lay down on the tray or upside down, do not stand it on the tray ( the purpose is minimize the air pressure).

6. Retail: It’s best to place the cartridge lay on the packaging or upside down, do not suggest to stand up.


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