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Vapor Ceramic Tank Cartridge

Yarktech designed a full ceramic vape cartridge, and is suitable for hemp thick oil and nicotine e-liquid. The key components of our cartidge are all made of lead-free materials, such as ceramic heating cores, ceramic air tubes, ceramic cigarette holders, perborate glass outer tanks, and they all have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and high hardness. Our products have passed heavy metal tests, etc. and have certified certificates.


What to do if electronic cigarettes leak oil? 5 tips to solve oil leaks!

Q: What is the problem of oil leakage in the electronic cigarette?

A: This is related to product quality. Normal e-cigarettes should not be inhaled until the e-liquid is heated by the atomizer and turned into mist. If you have smoked e-liquid, there may be no way to effectively convert the e-liquid into mist.

I just bought an e-cigarette and used it for the first time. I don’t know if this is normal or not. When I smoke it, I use my tongue to hang on the e-cigarette outlet, and I feel that there is very little e-cigarette on the tongue that is sweet.

What is an electronic cigarette oil leak

The concept of oil leakage is: the smoke liquid flows out from abnormal channels, such as the outside of the atomization chamber glass, the base of the atomizer, the outside of the cigarette holder and other abnormal channels. The occasional inhalation of e-liquid in the mouth from the cigarette holder is not an oil leakage phenomenon. This is generally a condensation of [atomized steam]. The solution: throw the remaining liquid out of the cigarette holder and twist it with a paper towel. Rope into the rope and wipe dry.

If it doesn't work anymore, just replace the atomizer core to solve it. This kind of situation is usually caused by novices. Many people who do not understand how to control electronic cigarettes for the first time can easily cause the smoke liquid in the inhalation. This situation is rarely seen in the same electronic cigarette.

Switching from real cigarettes to electronic cigarettes is like changing a coach car to a private car. There is a transition between the accelerator with speed and the accelerator without speed. Pay attention to the strength of the pedal, and many factors affect it. It takes time to adapt and understand the electronic smoke.

It is a mistake to have Bole and then Maxima. In fact, the two are both at the same time, but it takes time to understand. Don't be surprised by a normal phenomenon as an oil leak, the real oil leak is not such a leak!

How to solve "e-cigarette oil leakage"

Generally, the so-called oil leakage or smoke liquid in the inhalation mouth is not a real oil leakage, but a misunderstanding or improper operation caused by not understanding the electronic cigarette. Generally, it is caused by the following 5 situations. Electronic cigarettes are different from real cigarettes, so you must pay attention to the way of using them. (Only occasional inhalation of e-liquid is within the normal range. As long as it is an electronic cigarette, there will be residual vapor condensation. Just throw out the residual e-liquid in the cigarette holder, and then use toilet paper to roll into a paper stick to probe into the cigarette holder and wipe it! )

1. In use, the correct posture of the e-cigarette is that one end of the battery rod is tilted downward, and it cannot be lifted up to smoke!

2. It is best to add vape E-liquid to 80% of the capacity, and the maximum should not exceed 90%

3. If the above method is no problem, replace the atomizer core to solve it. The reason is that the cotton wick of individual atomizers is not good, which causes the E-liquid to enter the smoke too fast, just replace it.

4. The method of adding liquid smoke was wrong from beginning to end at all, and I didn't watch the video demonstration of adding liquid smoke at all.

5. Finally, there is another situation: when some people unscrewed the battery rod, they did not grasp the metal screw in the middle of the electronic cigarette, but grasped the glass chamber of the atomizer, which caused the atomizer to be screwed. The glass compartment and the screw thread are unscrewed or loosened, resulting in a hand oil! (Tighten it)

In response to the oil leakage problem, we redesigned the program and produced a fully ceramic, low oil leakage rate, and stable vape cartridge.


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