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CBD 510 Full-ceramic cartridge

There are more and more flavors to choose from in the market currently, but we need a safe vaporizer that can provide pure flavors. All ceramic cartridge is the best choice, Our ceramic cartridge has passed lead free test report through the US CANNASAFE certification, it's compatible with thick THC and CBD oil, NO leak and safely.


The difference between electronic cigarettes(vape) and cigarettes is roughly as follows:

1. E-cigarettes do not contain tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances that almost all cigarettes have. It only contains nicotine, and nicotine itself is not very harmful, it is just an addictive thing. Of course, you can't take too much. If you smoke 8 packs of real cigarettes a day, you will also be poisoned by nicotine. Of course, you may go to heaven with the help of other ingredients before being poisoned.

2. Electronic cigarettes hardly produce second-hand smoke, and produce relatively small amounts of mist that does not make people feel unpleasant. The impact on people around is almost negligible compared with real second-hand smoke.

3. Electronic cigarettes can artificially control the content of nicotine, and gradually reduce the content of nicotine during use. According to their own will, the effect of smoking cessation may eventually be achieved.

So we have developed refillable CBD 510 Full-ceramic cartridge。


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Child Resistant Packaging

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