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Refillable 510 full ceramic cartridge

This latest FCC2 full ceramic 510 thread vape tank has a full ceramic tube body and heating core and has passed the CannaSafe heavy metal cartridge test. Its complete ceramic interior, transparent body and ceramic core heating system ensure the best taste.


E-cigarette popular science: disposable vap, changeable vape, big smoke vape, how to choose?

Excluding the big smoke e-cigarettes of veteran punk players and other "wacky" e-cigarettes, such as the cigarette-type e-cigarettes of ancient times, the general public has the most choice on the market, or the following three categories:

Disposable slim vape, Closed pre-filled pod vape, refillable pod vape

⒈ Disposable slim vape:

It can be used as soon as it is disassembled and installed, no need to recharge (it can’t be recharged, it’s one-time). The entry-level products of various brands offer a variety of flavors, and generally have slightly less flavors than rechargeable electronic cigarettes. The price range of products on the market is mostly 29-49 US dollars, mainly 39 and 49 US dollars.

In addition to the difference in taste and taste, another quantifiable index is the "number of mouths", that is, the amount of e-liquid storage, usually 300-500 mouths can be smoked.

⒉ Closed pre-filled pod vape: 

The main products of almost all brands are also the next development trend of electronic cigarettes. In addition to accessories such as charging cables, the cartridge-changing e-cigarette itself is divided into two parts, a cigarette holder and a cartridge. It can be used after charging and plugging in the cartridge. There are many flavors, and manufacturers are constantly introducing new ones. The advantage is convenience, economy, and better taste and taste experience upgrade

⒊ Refillable pod vape

It can be regarded as a higher-level gameplay, which can be understood as a convenient modification of the "big smog", which can be regarded as a more traditional or primitive type of electronic cigarette. In addition to smoke guns and cartridges, you also need to purchase additional e-liquid for filling, which cannot be used through convenient cigarette replacement. But it looks really "handsome".

So we have developed refillable 510 full ceramic cartridge.


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