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Full ceramic vapor cartridge

0.5ml/1.0ml FCC2 full ceramic 510 Thread vape tank passed the US CannaSafe heavy metals cartridge test. Ceramic internals and body, high-grade pure glass and ceramic core heating system, all of these bring you the best vaping experience.


Due to the difference in CBD content and extracted plants, its characteristics and viscosity are very different. High-content CBD e-liquid is thicker and even in a semi-solid state. It is difficult to use ordinary e-cigarette absorbent cotton as the oil-conducting medium. E-liquid enters the atomization core, which easily causes the atomization core to burn.

Therefore, the full ceramic core of our CBD Full ceramic vape uses honeycomb ceramics and ceramic cotton as the atomization core. And upgraded to full ceramic vapor cartridge

Our CBD Full ceramic vapor cartridge will be redesigned according to its E-liquid characteristics. Different oils have different compositions and thicknesses, which will affect the effect of atomization. If effective atomization is to be achieved, one of the methods is to add a large amount of tincture to the CBD e-liquid. This e-liquid contains less CBD and is thinner.


Since CBD has different effects on different physiques of the human body, the content of CBD intake and the requirements for atomization are also quite different. Therefore, when using CBD e-liquid, it should be used appropriately according to the individual's physique.

However, the high-content CBD e-liquid extracted from the cannabis plant requires the use of a specially designed high-quality Full ceramic vapor cartridge in order to ingest CBD most efficiently. We have been committed to the technical research and development and difficulty of CBD atomization equipment. 

We are an electronic cigarette company that specializes in providing CBD full ceramic vapor cartridge atomization technology solutions.


Does this FCC2 vape cartridge indeed pass US CannaSafe heavy metal testing? Can I have a look at the certificate file?

Yes, please contact us to get the certificate.

How to pack the FCC2 vape cartridge?

The neutral packaging is 100pcs in a white paper box with a white EVA insert. We can also make customized retail packaging for you if you need. Child proof packaging for vape cartridge is our strength. And each of our child proof packaging is with child resistant certificate.

What’s the MOQ of this vape cartridge?

MOQ is 10pcs. If you want to custom (add your logo on it), the MOQ is 2,000pcs.

Can you print my logo on this vape pen?

Sure we can. We can silk screen and laser carving your logo on this vape cartridge.

Can I get several samples before my order?

Yes you can. We understand that sample testing is necessary.


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Child Resistant Packaging

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