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CBD THC vape cartridge

FCC1 full ceramic vape cartridge adopts 100% ceramic material on the air tube so that there is no any contacting between with oil and metal part. FCC2 has passed US CannaSafe testing.


The U.S. medical marijuana market is developing rapidly, and the demand for CBD vape cartridge is breaking out

According to the "Analysis Report on the Status of Medical Cannabis in Various States in the United States in 2019" released by the ASA, from 1996 to 2019, medical marijuana has entered 47 states in the United States, and the number of patients used has increased from 50,000 to more than 3 million. In the context of the new crown epidemic, sales of medical marijuana products are still hot.

The CBD vape cartridge is a commonly used absorption method for medical marijuana. It has the advantages of easy to carry and use and quick absorption. When the US medical marijuana market broke out, the demand for CBD nebulizers also ushered in a climax.

The structure of a CBD&THC vape cartridge is similar to an electronic cigarette. Both are composed of cigarette holders, fuel injection bins, atomizing cores, batteries and other components. The essential difference from nicotine salt electronic cigarettes is whether the smoke oil contains CBD ingredients.

Secondly, there will be differences in structural design and atomization cores. For example, due to the particularity of CBD vape cartridge components, the requirements for weather resistance of materials are relatively strong. The e-liquid bin is mainly made of glass bins and plastic (PCTG, transparent nylon) materials; The structure is usually open oil injection design and so on.

Therefore, we have produced a new all-ceramic CBD&THC vape cartridge, which has no heavy metal residues and has passed the tests of relevant American laboratories.


Can I get a sample of this FCC2 vape cartridge?

Yes. Please contact us for sample.

Can you print my logo on the cartridge?

Yes we can. Please send us your logo, our designer will add it on the vape cartridge for you.

What’s the lead time?

It takes 3-5 working days to finish production and 3-5 working days to delivery goods to your hand via DHL.

How do I pay for my order?

Make payment via Alibaba and TT are both available.


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