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4 Holes Full Ceramic CBD Cartridge

This fully ceramic cartridge is worthy to try it out as it's fully ceramic vape cartridge. and this cartridge has passed canasafe test. it is very safe


Full Ceramic Cartridge- FCC2S

- 4 intake holes, the oil runs to the inner heating base more uniformly, better taste.

- Ceramic material better than metal, lead and cadmium free, it's healthier.

- Made of ceramic, the oil will not touch with any metal so the oil color will not change after storage.

How to avoid leaking

The mouthpiece have to cover back to the tube after the oil is filled within 1 minute , otherwise, too much oil will run into the air tube along with the airflow, therefore, two problems may happen

1. Overfill oil will be clogged /cooling into the airtube, that’s why some users complain why  it’s hardly to inhale for the first draw

2. Overfill oil will comes to people’s mouthpiece when smoking

4. Compatible battery

Compatible with button battery to get better taste, the battery wattage at least reach 6W above and support > 1.2ohm cartridge

What are the advantages of ceramic atomizing cores?

Compared with atomizing cores composed of other materials, such as heating wires and fiber ropes, heating wires and organic cotton, the characteristics of ceramic atomizing cores are: during the heating process, its temperature will rise faster and the temperature uniformity will be better. Well, the temperature range is controlled more accurately. This can greatly reduce the production of aldehydes and ketones during use, thereby ensuring the safety of the use process.


The ceramic core is composed of ceramic and heating film: the ceramic is sintered at a high temperature into a bowl-shaped structure, and the heating film is designed to be attached to the ceramic surface in an S shape. Their relationship is like a pot and a stove during cooking. The atomizer core is the core component of the atomizer. During the working process, the heating film heats the liquid uniformly to form a mist.


The heating temperature of the atomizer core directly affects the suction experience of the electronic atomizer. The ceramic atomizing core can effectively avoid local carbonization through uniform heating, and combined with the liquid conductivity of ceramics, it can effectively reduce the pain point of the industry of "burnt smell".


In fact, atomization technology has long been used in medical and other fields, such as asthma treatment. In the conventional atomization process, the particle size distribution range is very wide. Among them, particles above 2.5um will be deposited in the human respiratory tract and oral cavity, particles below 1um will be inhaled into the human lungs, and the effective ingredients can be quickly absorbed by the human body. At present, the atomized particles produced by the FEELM ceramic atomizing core are generally less than 1um, which can bring better taste and stronger satisfaction.


Ceramic atomization technology not only brings users a better atomization experience, but also allows people to see a wider range of application scenarios. Now, Mcwell's research institute has cooperated with many R&D institutions around the world to expand more fields of atomization, such as medical and health.


Q: There are the following tips for reference about how to reduce the oil leakage rate excluding the quality of the cart itself.

A:1.Cap the mouthpiece immediately after filling the oil (within 30s, the sooner the better), the reason is that closing the tip can prevent air flow and ensure that there is no air pressure and no liquid flow in the tube, thereby reducing the oil leakage rate.
2.Make sure that the tip is tightened. If it is not tightened enough, air will enter the tube and air pressure may cause oil leakage.
3.Store the cart upside down after filling.
4.Make sure that the thread on the bottom and the tip are covered with silicone caps.

Q: What’s the minimum of a customized order ?

A: We recommend starting from 2K, so that you can get a better starting price. If 2K is too much at the beginning, 1K is also feasible .

Q: Can I get samples for testing before bulk order? How long does it take ?

A: It will take about 3 working days if it’s just a normal sample without logo. If you need to print your logo there, depending on the complexity of the product, generally 7 working days.

Q: How about the time frame for a bulk order ?

A: Orders less than 5000 usually take 15-17 working days; orders of 5K -10K usually take 17-19 working days. The specific time limit needs to be determined according to the complexity of the order.

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