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0.5ml Full Ceramic CBD Cartridge

New Arrival from Yarktech . The updated version of FCC2 CBD cartridge , Called FCC2S which is designed with full ceramic CBD core coil , with 4 oil intake holes , with lead and cadmium free . It is more healthier , better taste for CBD and THC eliquid .


FCC2 CBD cartridge is new products from Yarktech ecig . With 100+ retest and adjustment ,  and 300+ days market research ,  the quality is much high .  It must bring many CBD cartridge customers to us . 


Here is Feature about CBD vape cartridge  FCC2S  .

1. 4 intake oil holes with the size of 1.2mm*1.3mm ,  the oil runs to the inner heating base more uniformly, better taste .

2. Full ceramic material better than metal material , lead and cadmium free, it's healthier .

3. Larger cloud, great taste and no burnt .

4. No leaking, great sealing function to prevent oil from leaking.

5. Welcome OEM & ODM

CBD ceramic cartridge technology ! 

The ceramic core was originally designed to use ceramic materials to improve the life of the CBD cartridge and prevent metal oxidation. The ceramic core itself still needs to be made with kanthal or ordinary coil materials, because ceramics cannot conduct electricity. If ordinary coils are encapsulated in ceramics, the core benefits can be effectively obtained.

The current mainstream CBD ceramic cartridge technology is represented by Vaporesso CCELL, which has truly opened the development trend of ceramic cores. In this design, the coil itself is encapsulated in a porous ceramic cylinder. This not only protects the coil structure, on the one hand, ceramics can be used as a substitute for traditional cotton to absorb CBD smoke oil and send it to the central coil.

The unique patented ceramic application is one of the keys to the fact that CCELL can become a truly revolutionary ceramic heating technology. The special manufacturing process of high-temperature firing makes the ceramic surface have countless nano-scale micropores. This material is known as "microporous ceramics", which is good at absorbing, storing and evaporating high-consistency e-cigarette oil.

Microporous ceramics is a technical extension of porous ceramics. It refers to porous ceramics with a pore size range of micrometers. It is a ceramic material with a large number of interconnected or closed pores. Perhaps you have only learned about microporous ceramics through this article, but microporous ceramics are actually very common in daily life, including water purifier filter elements, electronic cigarette cores, ceramic sensors, and bio-porous ceramic technology. The beneficiaries of porous ceramics.

In addition to CCELL , there is another main method for atomizing ceramics. The ceramic is coated on the electrode carrier, so the coil looks different from other atomizing cores and has an outer ceramic coating. This design is also widely used in nicotine e-cigarettes. For example, Kanger's "SSOCC", FEELM's "FEELM black ceramic coated atomizing core", and Zhuolineng's "SILMO" all use this ceramic atomization method.

Although the design of their CBD cartridge is different, the key point of the two is whether the coil is surrounded by ceramic material. In both cases, the advantages are basically the same-namely, high evaporation efficiency, uniform heat distribution, stable and consistent large vapor volume, flavor Pure and effective atomization ability.


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