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1.0ml Full Ceramic CBD Cartridge

FCC2S CBD cartridge is new arrival from Yarktech , feature 4 oil intake holes , full ceramic coil , lead and cadmium free , more healthier , better taste for CBD and THC oil .


Full Ceramic Cartridge- FCC2S 

- 4 intake holes, the oil runs to the inner heating base more uniformly, better taste.

- Ceramic material better than metal, lead and cadmium free, it's healthier.

- Made of ceramic, the oil will not touch with any metal so the oil color will not change after storage.

Why CBD cartridge is so popular ? 

Compared with traditional methods, CBD cartridge ecigs are popular because the way they provide to consume cannabis are easier , healthier, and more convenient .

The CBD cartridge has many advantages. For example , vaporization is healthier than burning for the body. The steam device produces cleaner and healthier steam through a complicated process, and the carcinogens and tar in the steam are reduced much .

In a research in 2010, 20 volunteers who regularly use marijuana were given CBD pen cartridge for one month. Respiratory tract infection who occurred is only 8 persons . Twelve persons reported improvement in lung irritation, and corresponding lung function and bronchial ducts were improved.


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