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Transparent Child Reresistant Plastic Slide Boxes

Item: Child resistant trasparent slide box
Use for: cbd cartridge, 0.5ml &1.0ml
Color: Clear
Dimension: 102*40*20mm
Oem: acceptable, custom logo printing or labels.
MOQ: 2,000pcs
  • CR003S Plastic Slide Box

  • YARK

Transparent Child Reresistant Plastic Slide Boxes

This fully transparent child resistant sliding box is different from most CR paper boxes on the market.  It has a transparent shell, which can clearly and brightly display your real expensive CBD oil in all its ways.

With a built-in paper card insert case you can add your logo and product information, as well as amazing design, the transparent plastic case both protects your glass cartridge and showcases your brand.

At the end of the box, has two buttons that adults can easily open by gently pressing and pushing.

It is almost impossible for children under five to open it because of its child resistance mechanism.

We pack this plastic box in a single poly bag to protect it from being scratched during transportation.

It comes in a suitable size for both 0.5ml and 1.0ml cbd glass cartridge.

Carts Box (7)Carts Box (4)Carts Box (5)Carts Box (10)Carts Box (8)Carts Box (2)

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Child Resistant Packaging

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