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Starter Kit Delta 9 Vape Pen Packaging

Starter kit vape pen packaging
Compared with the traditional vape box, it is composed of 4 parts, namely the top, the inner box, the bottom cover and the inner divider insert support. The structure of each box can be independently designed to obtain a better sense of hierarchy.
  • CR001S

  • Yark

  • 001

Handmade Vape pen packaging

The Yark production line has an independent automatic machine to complete the production of the box, which can control the position more precisely, and has a complete set of production lines

starter kit disposable vape pen is becoming more and more popular in the market because one starter kit can experience multiple flavors for customers

Independent lock function vape pen box

The child lock is agency tested, the child lock can be on the side of the box or the back for choose

CR series packaging

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cbd cartridge packagingvape cartridge packaging


Child Resistant Packaging

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