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Rigid paper slide drawer vape cartridges packaging

Custom Electronic cigarette packaging
Our company is focused on packaging such as vape packaging, packaging of anything that contains nicotine, CBD-Boxes are related to vape packaging, Yark is very good at packaging hardware and accessories for vaping industry products, the company provides one-stop packaging solutions for your products, e-cigarette packaging, e-liquid packaging, and e-cigarette full product line experience are the company's main strengths.
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Rigid paper slide drawer vape cartridges packaging

High quality vape cartridges packaging are available for you to choose from

High trust

To achieve customer loyalty and recognition, having high-quality pod packaging and e-liquid packaging can help impress customers. We have created a range of child-proof vaping packaging needs, and Yark can provide excellent customer service and help solve all of your packaging related problems.

What kinds of vape cartridge box do you want?

High-quality materials

The material of your product packaging is crucial to its presentation. White and kraft paperboard are available in a variety of thicknesses, ideal for vape pod packaging, they are highly resistant, customizable, and look great.  Use the best materila to print to get premium design.

Wide choice for your vape cartridges?

With premium vape boxes, you can choose between a variety of styles, designs, shapes, sizes, colors, textures, patterns, etc. for your pod packaging, plus you have the option of two packaging methods.

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Child Resistant Packaging

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