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Print Slide Drawer Disposable Vape Boxes

Yark uses high specifications and high quality to manufacture each box for Vape pen boxes. From design to printing, it is managed by our professional team. We provide a variety of box options for cannabis products from CR001~CR015
  • CR006S
  • Yark
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Print Slide Drawer Disposable Vape Boxes

The Importance of Custom Disposable E-Cigarette Packaging

The competition of disposable pod brands in the industry is an important factor that is conducive to increasing business sales and occupying the market through customized packaging. With the legalization of the marijuana industry, the competition of marijuana products is becoming increasingly fierce around the world. In order to expand vape sales, many companies manufacture the same Vape pen products and quickly put them on the market for consumers to choose. With the continuous improvement of consumer demand, e-cigarette technology and More flavorful ways to gain customer usage.

Choose CR vape boxes for disposable pens

Vape pen boxes and THC cartridge packaging are very popular among customers due to their safety and storage features. Yarktech provides custom disposable vape packaging design and manufacture to showcase the internal products and functions of the vape pen. We also offer any size, type, style for different Vape Pens and CBD related hemp products. We are a company with very professional custom and design packaging team, such as Cannabis disposable Vape pen packaging, CBD Vape cartridge packaging, pre roll packaging, Concentrate jar pacakging, Gummies packaging and so on.

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