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Premium CBD Distillate Vape Cartridge Packaging

Premium Rectangular Structure CBD cartridge box
The top and bottom cap can avaiable design
Child-safe packaging with recyclable and eco-friendly materials
EVA foam or paper tray can work for your disposavle vape
Full paper materials struture cannabis pacakging
Support to customized cardboard box dimension
  • CR006S

  • Yark

  • 001

Howdo I createpremium CBD vape packaging?

We have collected different styles of disposable vape boxes in our collection, as well as the latest CBD cartridge structure box. Providing fully customized boxes solution for all related cannabis vape products, continuously exploring and expanding the newest childproof CBD vape cartridge packaging, making sure our CBD cardboard packaging is always fresh and relevant to cannabis business.We are committed to making sure our packaging is always up to date with the latest trends and styles. Our team of designers and engineers are constantly innovating to create the perfect packaging solution for the cannabis industry. We use only the best materials and methods to ensure our packaging is secure, aesthetically pleasing, and eco-friendly.

Completedto meet the marijuana industry and customized

The box-shaped structure can be optimized to match cannabis disposable vape pen packaging requirements.In order to meet the needs of different groups of customers, you can choose the method of opening different child-resistant boxes.The box-shaped structure offers a secure way of packaging vape pens while still allowing easy access for adults. This ensures that the product is handled safely and securely while also allowing customers to access the products without difficulty.

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