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Pre Roll Packaging Magnet Paper Box

There is a magnetic closing mechanism built into the lid so this Pre Roll Packaging Magnet Paper Boxstays shut nicely. You can custom it for 5/6/7/8 pack as you like. Kraft paper provides a good texture.

Pre Roll Packaging Magnet Paper Box

It is a pocket-friendly solution, which is suitable for both retailers who want to offer small packages and customers who prefer portable packaging.

Pre-roll products can fit in the magnetic drawer-type box, and a separate space is provided for matches.

preroll magnet flip box (2)

This pre-roll is stable and safe for fragile items due to the quality chipboard raw material and robust structure. You need to open the magnetic suction lid, pull out the pre-roll box, for your packaging to become more open box-like.

preroll magnet flip box (1)

To fit your specific needs, separate compartments can be provided inside for a single pre-roll. A hidden magnetic closure in the box further ensures product safety. Any carton you require for packing your products can be customized by us.

Pre Roll Joints Box (7)


  • Delta-8 THC Caviar Pre-Rolls

  • Pre-Rolled Blunts/Tubes/Cones

  • Pre-Filled Glass Joints

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