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Live Resin Premium Disposable Vape Cartridge Box

Yarktech Packaging offers customized premium vape cartridge box in different sizes and shapes which child resistant and slide drawer box for selection, The type of the box size is make according to your vape products

With a Glossy, Matte and Spot UV, gold /silver foil/Color raibow foil, embossing etc.

Designed to protect your product from moisture and dampness, this high-quality distilled vape cartridge case is made of sturdy cardboard.
  • CR001S

  • Yark

  • 001

Live Resin Premium Disposable Vape Cartridge Box

Custom Premium Distilled Vape Cartridge Box:

Packaging style and product box shape are very important for the successful promotion of products. Each packaging style has its own unique value and specifications. It creates a high-standard product line for the brand so that it can be recognized and trusted by more customers. Greater value and brand effect.

Vape cartridge packaging materials:

Customized high quality distilled vape cartridge boxes can be made of different materials, such as: Coated paper/kraft paper/cardboard art paper and 1000g grey cardboard, by adding different crafts on the vape box to make it more effective and extraordinary

The role of the display box:

Customized display boxes of disposable vape pod packaging are better sales of products and at the same time to improve product renewal, you can fill 5PK/10Pk/12Pk through display boxes, customers will choose different quantities for their own needs

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