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How to choose a suitable packaging?

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How to choose a suitable packaging?

In this age of beauty, consumers' demands for packaging are gradually increasing. Under the premise of little difference in product quality, those well-packaged products are more competitive in the market, which can deepen consumers' impressions and inspire customers to re-enter the market. desire to buy.

Product packaging is a very convincing salesman. So, how do we choose the packaging for your vape cartridge/ vape pen/ pod/ pre roll or CBD chocolater bar?


1. What kind of box is more suitable for you?

As a manufacturer of cannabis product packaging, with rich experience in design and printing in this field, we have made various packaging boxes, such as CBD cartridge boxes, vape battery boxes, disposable pen boxes, pod boxes, preroll joint box, chocolate boxes, and child resistant packaging boxes, etc. They have their own opinions on the packaging of different products.


When a customer asks about marijuana related packagings, the first thing to determine is what product the customer use and the target price for packaging. Choose the appropriate material and box type according to the customer's needs. Generally, the material is white card, silver card, laser silver card. Box types include foldable card boxes and non-foldable rigid gift boxes, as well as child resistant packaging boxes required by state governments. As long as the design is unique, with our fine workmanship and exquisite surface treatments the packaging will be unexceptionable.

According to customer products and requirements, magnet boxes, book-shaped boxes, environmentally friendly kraft paper boxes, drawer boxes, set-up box, display boxes, etc. can all be good choices.

2. What size box is more suitable for you?

After the box type is determined, the dielines will be made and sent according to the product size provided by the customer. According to different products, there will be different insert options. The function of insert is to better protect, fix and display our products.


For the CBD vape cartridge box, the most commonly used insert is EVA foam insert. If you want all papers, paper insert also welcome. Of course, there are also some transparent blister insert options.


For pre-roll joint boxes, it depends on how many prerolls you want to hold. According to the number of prerolls, we will design the insert in different sizes and shapes. Available in paper dividers and blister dividers options.

In addition, the dimensions of the box is not only related to the unit cost, but also affects the shipping costs. The reason why we ask customers to provide the dimensions of the product is to to help customers save unnecessary costs.

3. About materials & surface treatments.

In the printing industry, the most commonly used is coated paper. Coated paper is divided into single-coated paper and double-coated paper according to the needs of single-sided printing and double-sided printing. We also call it art paper. According to different box types and special requirements, commonly used materials are Art Paper/ Grey Cardboard/ Coated paper / Specialty Paper/ kraft paper/ Corrugated board etc.


For product packaging with your own brand, a logo is the best way to let customers know you. In order to make the logo unique, we generally recommend different processes according to the characteristics of the customer's logo, foil is our more commonly used process, gold, silver, rose gold, etc. for you to choose. Of course, in addition to foil, we also have UV, embossing, debossing and other methods to highlight the logo. The common surface treatments have Matt / Glossy Lamination, Embossing, Debossing, Soft touch finishing, Gold foil/ Silver foil, Spot UV, Soft touch finishing, Varnishing, Hologram etc..

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