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Hemp Preroll Packaging Childproof Paper Tube

When you are tired of the same paper box preroll packaging, this paper cylinder tube will make you feel novel. And compared to Mylar bag packaging and plastic pop top pre-roll tubes, this round tube is more environmentally friendly.
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Why Custom Printed Hemp Preroll Packaging Childproof Paper Tube?

They are compatible with pre-roll tubes of various sizes with pop tops. Paperboard tubes can be printed with your logo, so you will not need to apply labels to your plastic pre-roll tubes anymore.Using a custom printed paper tube in combination with a child-resistant pop top joint tube will be a great way to enhance your pre-roll brand and remain compliant with CR packaging requirements. We can accommodate all lengths of pop-tops (78mm/90mm/95mm/98mm/*116mm) that you need. The reason for this is because we are a manufacturer of paper packaging with customization as part of the DNA.

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