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Hemp CBD Vape Cartridge CR Box

Additionally, many customers require CR plastic boxes made of high-quality plastic in addition to CR paper boxes, CR tinplate boxes, and CR Mylar bags. In order to meet this requirement, we developed a plastic package for double-sided childproof buttons --CR003S
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Hemp CBD Vape Cartridge CR Box

Custom packaging is one of our specialties, in which we provide customers with many different kinds of customized packaging, including childproof packaging.

CR series packaging

A child-safe packaging requirement is usually stipulated by law when CBD products are sold in the United States.


Our CR plastic boxes made of high-quality plastic are not only available for customizing conventional paper boxes, tinplate boxes, and Mylar bags. This purpose has been met in part by developing the plastic packaging for double-sided childproof buttons-CR003S

cartridge plastic CR box

The material is high-quality, high-transmittance PC and PS, with excellent drop resistance and wear resistance. Moreover, the transparent function increases the visibility of the internal product under certain conditions.

Carts plastic Box

Carts Plastic CR Box

Moreover, if the customer wants it, the logo and color of the plastic CR box can be customized to meet their needs. Customers benefit from a higher level of freedom due to the personalized setting.

Plastic CR box structure

In order to ensure the design of this plastic CR box is simple and reliable, we have implemented a double-sided childproof button.

It is very easy to open.

The first step is to press and hold down the two buttons on the side of the box at the same time

Second step: Remove the inner box

Are you interested in learning more about this plastic CR box or finding out its price? I would like to hear from you.


Child Resistant Packaging


Child Resistant Packaging

Custom Packaging


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