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Full Paper Eco-friendly CBD Cartridge Packaging

1: Full size custom cartridge box
2: Paper environmental protection child safety structure slide drawer box
3: Suitable for customizing different styles of disposable vape packaging
4: Fully paper inner tray
5: 300g Cardboard paper
6: Automatic Robot Assembly Machine
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  • Yark

  • 001

Full Paper Eco-friendly CBD Cartridge Packaging

Leading products are vape cartridges in the market, CBD cartridge box is an important part of the composition

The combination of child-resistant functional cannabis cigarette packaging and recyclable materials not only solves the functional structure, but also conforms to the concept of advocating environmental protection and pollution-free.

Cannabis has a wide range of effects through the extraction of ingredients, especially in CBD cartridge, Delta 8 cartridge and disposable vape pen etc. Customers are very fond of cannabis products, smoking cannabis in the market is a trend-setting, strong of satisfaction.

The Advantages of Childproof vape packaging

Custom cannabis packaging is an effective way to sell single-use e-cigarettes quickly. Child-proof pod cartridge packaging is the best safety mechanism for pods, providing a strong guarantee for rapid market launch.

This is a full paper child proof slide drawer cartridge packaging, the stucture of childproof button on the back, can also be opened from the side, no plastic buttons and the inside is also a cardboard paper tray with hole

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