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Disposable THC Cartridge Packaging

  • Yarktech manufaturer provides kinds of style child proof disposable cartridge packaging for your THC cartridges/disposable pod/510 cartridge battery etc, Suitable for all capacity vape products. customized different size and printing finishing.
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 Custom Disposable THC Cartridge Packaging

  • Vape cartridges series products are constantly updated with various flavors to attract more customers with different needs. Disposable vape replacement is inseparable from customized packaging. Disposable THC cartridge packaging can better highlight the advantages and characteristics of the product. Through the brief description and functions on the THC cartridge box to gain the trust of customers, no matter which style of vape cartridge packaging is customized, it is a good advertising marketing.

    Features and Functions of Customized Disposable vape Pen box

  • Customized packaging is the importance of disposable e-cigarette product promotion in the market. vape cartridge packaging can allow more customers to understand your brand and recognize your product, which is also a powerful advertisement for brand promotion. Child-resistant sliding boxes not only provide storage and protection products for vaporizer products, but also facilitate transportation. More importantly, it lays the foundation for good sales for later disposavle vape product updates.

      unique surface treatment finishing

  • To make your vape cartridges attract more customers, make the packaging different. The brand logo and design layout on disposable packaging can use different printing to achieve high-end visual effects, such as: craft coatings including gold foil/color foil, holographic, dot UV, gloss or embossing, laser gold foil, etc.

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