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Custom CR Packaging Preroll Box

CR004 Joint Cone Preroll Packaging

Preroll packaging is a large category, which includes preroll plastic tubes, preroll Mylar bags, preroll paper boxes, etc.
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Preroll packaging box

We have developed a mature solution for customizing the preroll box. You could tell me the model of the box you need, or send me the picture of the box, and we can quickly design a box that meets your requirements.

preroll packaging

For our preroll packaging box divider, we can customize the divider according to the size of your preroll, and you can also add accessories such as match lighters, so that the internal plug-ins of our preroll packaging box can be divided into several categories:

#1 No dividers

#2 Dividers with match slot

#3 Full dividers

#4 no dividers but with match slot

preroll insert

You can freely assign the way you like according to the above layout.

If and when it confirms the layout of the internal dividers, it can now have several styles, for example it wants to choose regular, notched up and down, notched below, etc. because it is a paper divider, can be custom printed.

preroll packaging insert

If you still think paper-only dividers are too monotonous, we also provide blister plastic dividers, which will look better, and come in different sizes and shapes to choose from.

blister plastic dividers

It's important that you tell me what you think because these are custom made to your requirements. We provide professional design solutions and provide you with satisfactory services at competitive prices.

If you feel that custom preroll paper box packaging cannot meet all your requirements, we still provide more preroll packaging, such as tinplate boxes, Mylar bags, etc.

preroll tinplate case

I believe you will be very interested and may have more doubts, please contact me, so that you can quickly know the answer and get your customized solution to perfectly solve your product needs.

CR series packaging

Please contact me now and I can give you the answers and solutions you need.


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