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Custom CBD Wax Glass Jar

Our CBD concentrate Jar is a well-sealed glass container, and it can be customized with logo and packaging, and has different capacity specifications, such as: 3ml/5ml/7ml/9ml, etc.
  • CR Jar Container

  • YARK

Sealing performance

* Our THC Concentrate Jar container is vacuum tested and has received a lot of customer feedback that it is of good quality.

Especially for CBD WAX, hemp flower and other products, it provides a good sealing adjustment. This is because we use high quality glass molds and Teflon gaskets.

CBD glass jar

Concentrate Jar Color

* Our THC Jar is available in many colors.

In regular state, clear/black/white ceramic/black ceramic can meet the needs of most CBD products.

If special colors are still required, we also support customizing them.

hemp oil jar

concentrates glass jar

About Concentrate Jar Packaging

*Our THC concentrate Jar outer packaging is made of high quality cardboard and raw materials, which can well protect Jars made of glass and ceramics. Prevent injury to Jar during transport.

At the same time, it improves consumers' awareness of the brand and improves the brand's image, such as: magnet boxes, drawer boxes, vertical display boxes, etc.

candle jars luxury packaging

Jar's CR Caps

* THC Concentrate Jar caps are usually divided into regular rotary type, if you need childproof CR caps, it is also possible.

THC concentrate glass jar lid (3)

Wax Dab Jar


* Material: Glass/Black Ceramic/White Ceramic

* Surface treatment: painted, frosted, glossy

* Customized: color, logo screen printing

* Color: transparent, black, white (can be customized)

* Capacity: 3ml/5ml/7ml/9ml etc.

hemp oil jar

No divider:

A divider:

Three dividers:

Round Jar



White ceramic:3ml/5ml/7ml/9ml

Black ceramic:3ml/5ml/7ml/9ml

please contact me

please contact me

Square Jar



White ceramic:5ml/9ml

Black ceramic:5ml/9ml



White ceramic:5ml/9ml

Black ceramic:5ml/9ml



White ceramic:5ml/9ml

Black ceramic:5ml/9ml

If the above specifications do not meet your needs, please contact me and I will provide you with more specification options.

What format should i send when the artwork is done?

Vector in AI & PDF format, outline all text is a must required.

What's the minimize order quantity?
Thinking of the consideration of cost-effective at final unit price, it's recommended to start with 2K as there are some certain solid fees will be shared into the unit price, and if this might too high for you at the beginning, we will also offer lower MOQ at 1000pcs, for a better comparison, you may ask breakdown price at different quantity for your evaluation.

What types of box surface treatment do you offer?
Glossy lamination, matte lamination, UV coating, foil stamping, embossed and debossed, metallic ink printing, holographic foil etc.
YARK will offer professional solution at your box finishing design to make sure the final box is well-delivered under the cost-effective consideration.

Can you help for box design?
This is very welcome, YARK offers one stop service from box concept - box design - box sample- box production- box shipment, with our professional team, everything is worry-free.

Yarktech is committed to the research and development, production and sales of various marijuana product packaging boxes, including child resistants packaging, sliding box, magnetic box, chocolate bar box, glass jar box, display box and so on.

Solutions, highest quality, competitive price drives us, with our decades of experience, will avoid the potential of trail-and-error cost, reduce your communication time, products cost etc We treat customers with Sincere attitude and hope to establish a long-term relationship with customers

Why choose YARK ?

Professional team, reliable quality, competitive price and excellent after-sales service have enabled YARK to win the trust and respect of hundreds of customers from all over the world in the past decade. YARK's vision is to continuously solve problems for customers and become a solution provider for our customers !


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