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Custom 1ml Vape Cartridge Box

Name: Custom Full paper cbd cartridge packaging box
Function: Child resistance/childproof/child resistant
Dimension: Custom according to your vape pod devices size.
Material: Special paper/coated paper/kraft paper+grey board paper.
Finish: Spot UV, hot stamping, hologram foil, Embossing, Debossed, Soft touch , etc.
Lead time: 9-15 working days
Sample: sample is available as per your request.
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Custom 1ml Vape Cartridge Box

When you want to buy an e-cigarette vape device, the first thing you'll see is the packaging. Therefore, customizing a good package is crucial to increase the sales of vapes cartridges.

We usually add amazing color contrasts and stylish designs to the custom vape packaging to make it perfect as a brand advertisement. Anyone who sees it can't help asking about it, whether in retail stores orcarried out in the market.

Child Resistant Packaging Box Make Your Vapes Compliant with Local Laws and Regulations

The legality of vaping varies from state to state. In some states, vaping is legal and even encouraged. But we need compliant packaging design - child resistant packaging.

This custom vape cartridge box with a child resistant mechanism, we had to slide the tray to open the box while pressing and holding the two buttons on the back. It's easy for adults to do, but it's almost impossible for children under six, this will protect children from our vape devices.

Compared with the ordinary paper box, it adds the child resistant buttons;  In addition, it is more cost effective than our traditional rigid child resistaant packaging.

Custom All-paper Child Resistant Box with Variety of Sizes and Shapes

As the picture shows, it can be customized perfectly for your atomizer vape cartridges. There is no doubt that it's also perfect for disposables vape pens that require child resistant when changing sizes.

Inner insert paper or foam insert for options, make the vape devices stable.

This custom child proof packaging also can be customized for multiple pre rolled joints if you need it.

LOW MOQ 1000pcs, please feel free conatact us if you are interested.

CBD Hemp Vape Cartridge Boxes

The paper material of Childproof Vape Cartridge Packaging Boxes is 157g coated paper and 2mm grey board; with a EVA insert or paper card insert;

We support customizing different surface finishing to increase the appeal and artistic feel of your vape cartridge box packaging and make it look more high-end, silver foil and gold foil hot stamping , embossed , spot UV varnishing; hologram foil; soft touch and etc.


Childproof vape box

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Child Resistant Packaging

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