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Childproof Round Tin Cans

Items: Child Resistant Tin Cans
Thickness: 0.23mm
Dimensions: φ69mmxH34mm; φ76mmxH30mm; φ75mmxH28mm; φ78mmxH28mm
MOQ: 5,000pcs
Material: food grade tinplate
Packing: Each tin box in a poly bag, proper quantity into an exporter carton.

  • CR007S Round Tin Cans

  • YARK

Childproof Round Tin Cans

This mini round child resistant tin can packaging is perfect for edibles(cbd gummis, wax concentrates...) or flowers.

Cans have precise tracks to ensure a perfect fit on the twisting top, and they are made of plated steel.

They are child-resistant and have to be pushed down and unscrewed.

Eco-Friendly Materials:

100% tin material, these cans are durable. They are also designed to be environmentally friendly and recyclable!

Multiple Sizes Available:

φ69mmxH34mm; 2.5oz

φ76mmxH30mm; 2.8oz

φ75mmxH28mm; 2.5oz

φ78mmxH28mm; 2.9oz

100% Food-Grade PET Liners:

Whether you fill there flowers, buds or edibles, don't worry, everything will only come in contact with 100% food safe PET.

Round CR Tin Cans.jpgRound Tin CansRound CR Tin CansRound CR Tin Cans.jpgRound CR Tin Cans.jpgRound CR Tin Cans.jpg


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Child Resistant Packaging

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