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Childproof Rectangle Disposable Cartridge Boxes

Magnetic/Child resistant/Cardboard box for disposable cartridge Support customized different structure size CBD box
Premium materials, 400gsm and Kraft paper and 1000 gray cardboard
Apply to different industry packaging, Gift box/Food packaging/Christmas box and Cannabis disposable pacakging etc
Production time 9~12 days.
  • CR006S

  • Yark

  • 001

Children certified and recycled cannabis vape packaging

Legalization of marijuana disposable vape is booming across the U.S. and gaining traction with more consumer groups, customers need to choose high-quality child-resistant CBD packaging and be ready for widespread legalization.

Vape cartridge packaging with a child lock device is a legal requirement in every state, not only to protect expensive vape products, but also to provide better protection for underage children. The pursuit of environmentally friendly and 100% compostable cannabis product packaging has become a a new trend.

Pursuit of perfect craftsmanship CBD cartridge box

As technology continues to innovate, each process will make revolutionary progress, so different printing can be added to the CBD cartridge packaging to make the whole box be perfectly complimented, high-quality packaging can make your hemp vape products better Buy and strengthen the promotion of disposable cartridge, nicotne salt, CBD oil, vaporizer cartridge etc products.

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