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Child proof vape box cartridge packaging

Features of Child resistant vape cartridge packaging
Slide drawer box with Child safe button
Type for Square/Triange/Hexagonal/ Polygon
Materials for C1S/157g Coated Paper and 1000g Grey Board
  • CR001S

  • Yark

  • 001

Slide drawer cardboard cartridge packaging

How can I customize the Yark childproof packaging for my CBD cartridges?

Our company is a leader in the packaging industry, offering a wide range of child-safe packaging products like CBD vape pods, batteries and disposable vape pens. We have gathered many vape cartridge boxes types in this catalog, you're sure to find your favorite.

What is the advantage of sliding drawer packaging with child protection for customers?

First of all, sliding drawer boxes are easy to open and use immediately, and with this structure, it is simpler to install child safety buttons. Yark has a variety of child proof packaging such as triangles, hexagons, polygons, etc. We are constantly improving the packaging of our CBD cartridge products.

The vaporizer cartridge box comes with a functional design

The vaporizer cartridge box comes with a functional design

child-proof certification

a slide-out drawer

coated paper, kraft paper

and hard grey paper as well as a hard material

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Child Resistant Packaging


Child Resistant Packaging

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