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Child Resistant Tin Container Cans Box

Items: Child Resistant Tin Cans
Thickness: 0.23mm
Dimensions: φ69mmxH34mm; φ76mmxH30mm; φ75mmxH28mm; φ78mmxH28mm
MOQ: 5,000pcs
Material: food grade tinplate
Packing: Each tin box in a poly bag, proper quantity into an exporter carton.

  • CR007S Round Tin Cans
  • YARK

Child Resistant Tin Container Cans Box

One of the best packaging solutions for cannabis infused gummies is child resistant tins, which have screw top lids, which need to be pushed downward and squeezed at the same time to open.

Featuring child-resistant design, our round tin cans are completely eco-friendly and can be used for a variety of products - edibles, flowers, etc.

You can completely customize your printing/artwork as well as emboss your products to make them stand out from the crowd.

This CR tin can is designed to protect children from products containing marijuana.

The material of these cans is 100% tin, which makes them durable. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly and recyclable!

Multiple Sizes Available:

φ69mmxH34mm; 2.5oz

φ76mmxH30mm; 2.8oz

φ75mmxH28mm; 2.5oz

φ78mmxH28mm; 2.9oz

Round CR Tin Cans.jpgRound Tin CansRound CR Tin CansRound CR Tin Cans.jpgRound CR Tin Cans.jpgRound CR Tin Cans.jpg


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Child Resistant Packaging

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