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Child Resistant Pre-Rolls Sliding Packaging Box

This child resistant pre-rolls sliding packaging box is with a child safe lock on the side of the box, it can be customized into any size and any pack to fit for your prerolls.
  • CR001S
  • YARK

Child Resistant Pre-Rolls Sliding Packaging Box

This child resistant cardboard pre-rolls box features a pre-made folding paper insert to accommodate multiple pre rolls. 

When we press both side buttons simultaneously, the tray will come loose from the shell, and we will then remove it with the other hand. This is a two-hand four-finger action. Under five-year-olds may not be able to handle it. However, adults can open it easily. Multiple pre-rolled cannabis joints can be custom-made within the paper insert. 

Box sizes, layouts, and styles can be customized. To summarize, we can create any cardboard boxes you require to package your marijuana products.

  • Size: Customizable based on customers' joint size

  • Style: Slide box with a side locking button

  • Function: Child safe packaging for pre rolls

  • Material: Grey board paper + 157g coated paper

  • MOQ: 1,000 pcs

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Child Resistant Packaging

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