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Child Resistant Pre Rolls Packaging Box

Most cost-effective packaging for multipack pre rolls.
Size and printing are customizable with customerls artwork design.
Minimum only 1,000 pcs.
Competitive price for bulk order.
Contact to get template, price and sample.
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What is Child Resistant Pre Rolls Packaging?

Millions of people enjoy the soothing effects of cannabis and marijuana products every day. An average adult can tell that cannabis is different from other items around the house easily.

Cannabis products are gaining popularity and are increasingly legal, so we must ensure they are kept in a manner that promotes safety and regulatory compliance.

By providing pre-rolled cannabis products in pre-rolled packaging, blunts, cones, joints, and spliffs can be easily transported anywhere, making them easier to enjoy.

There are many benefits to child-resistant pre-roll packaging. We will talk about the packaging, who may benefit from it, and answer some questions about it.

  • The packaging can still be easily opened by adults, while it is considered safe. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, CR pre-roll packaging items are relatively easy to open.

  • Packaging is still cost-effective and easily available. A number of retailers are worried about how CR pre-roll packaging will impact their bottom lines.

  • CR pre-roll packaging increases freshness over standard display methods.

  • A pre-roll package made of CR provides secure storage of cannabis while limiting the escape of odors for greater privacy and improved safety.

  • CR packaging offers retailers a unique opportunity to brand prerolled products and stand out from their competitors.

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    Child Resistant Packaging


    Child Resistant Packaging

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