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Child Resistant 98mm Tins Packaging for Pre Roll

Child proof pre roll tins slide drawer open from the both side that comes into child resistant grooves within the inside bottom lips.
1: Child lock on the both side
2: Support to custimzied
3: Add matches location is available
4: Divider insert
5: Airtight Closure
  • CR007S

  • Yark

  • 001

Child Resistant 98mm Tins Packaging for Pre Roll

Child proof tins for multiple pre roll sizes.

  • This simple and versatile cannabis child proof cigarette tins packaging, which fit for 84mm/98mm/109mm and 116mm pre-rolled cone. It adopts segmented filling pre-roll products, which can better distinguish each flavor and variety, such as : Indica, Hybrid and Sativa, which brings a closer sense of layering to customers.

Can I add more design elements to the tin case?

  • This rectangular metal pre roll tins can be printed in both pantone and CMYK. If you add embossing to your brand logo, it will be more prominent and eye-catching. You can make cannabis tins packaging unique by printing on both sides. For Inside, you can choose 5 packs or 7 packs, using plastic or paper divider insert is workable.

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Child Resistant Packaging

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