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Child Proof Pre-Roll Box

Child safety is of utmost importance when it comes to packaging products that could potentially pose a risk to children. In the case of pre-rolled joints, it is crucial to have child-resistant packaging boxes that ensure the safety of both children and adults. This document will outline the key features and design considerations for a child-resistant packaging box specifically designed for pre-rolled joints.

  • CR004

  • Yark

Child Proof Pre-Roll Box is a rigid paper box specifically designed to ensure the safety of children. This box can be customized to accommodate different sizes of pre-rolled joints, such as 5-pack and 6-pack per box. Additionally, it can be resized to fit 1/2 gram, 3/4 gram, and full gram joints.

The primary purpose of the Child Proof Pre-Roll Box is to provide a secure and tamper-proof packaging solution for pre-rolled joints. The rigid paper material used in the construction of the box ensures durability and longevity. The child-proof feature of the box ensures that it cannot be easily opened by young children, preventing any accidental access to the contents within.

The customization options available for this box make it a versatile packaging solution. Whether you have pre-rolled joints in a 5-pack or 6-pack configuration, the Child Proof Pre-Roll Box can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Furthermore, the box can be resized to accommodate different weights of pre-rolled joints, ranging from 1/2 gram to 3/4 gram and even full gram joints.

In addition to its functional aspects, the Child Proof Pre-Roll Box can also be customized with various designs, branding elements, and labels. This allows businesses to make their packaging stand out and create a unique identity for their products.

Overall, the Child Proof Pre-Roll Box is a reliable and customizable packaging solution for pre-rolled joints. Its rigid paper construction, child-proof feature, and ability to be customized for different sizes and weights of joints make it an ideal choice for those in the cannabis industry.

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