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Certificate button paper cartridge packaging

The triangle cartridge type of packaging is the most common in life, and its feature is that it can effectively protect the product and can also make the packaging style unique through differentiated design, thereby attracting more consumers to buy.
  • CR009 triangle box

  • Yark

  • 001

Yark recommends high quality recyclable triangle cartridge box

  • Carton packaging refers to the outer protective layer and decoration of the product. The paper box material is adopted to meet the environmental protection requirements of the United States. After strict control, every process has passed the inspection standard.

Three elements of packaging design

  • It is a modeling element, a design element and a material element. Packaging design refers to selecting appropriate packaging materials, using ingenious processes to design container structures, and beautifying the packaging of packaged goods.

How to understand high-quality paper cartridge box?

  • Yark has been engaged in the CBD packaging industry for many years, and has a rich team design concept. We use natural paper materials to restore the retro design (Coated paper, Kraft paper, corrugated paper, Rigid 1000g Grey Board)

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CR series packaging

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