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Cardboard child proof pre roll packaging with certificate

Pre roll cone packaging with paper box, Metal tins, It's meet child resistant, Cannabis joint box can customized different pre rolled joint size, Such as 84mm(0.5g), 98mm(0.7g) and King size 109mm.
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                  Cardboard child proof pre roll packaging with certificate

Child-resistant cardboard pre-roll boxes are stored in folded paper inserts.

  • This method will allow you to easily obtain each pre rolls, and at the same time lay out your design in the paper insert, you can also mark different flavors in each paper divider increase design, which can make your pre roll boxes more different from each other. and unique design

Is the pre roll joints packaging with child resistant and certificate?

  • Yark conducts the child resistant certificate test for each style of packaging and obtains the certificate, which meets the requirements of the market. The structure of child proof boxes is to press the button at the back and then push the tray forward.

Can we customize different paper inserts to include multiple preroll splices?

  • Yark offers cannabis pre roll boxes in various sizes, layouts and styles of cardboard so that they can fit different cannabis pre roll sizes, Such as 72mm/84mm/98mm/109mm/116mm.

1.Customized different size according to pre roll joint

2.Structures: Slide drawer child resistant box

3.Material: 100% eco-friendly cardboard paper material.

4.Safety package each pre-rolls and the other hemp products


12 (2)cbd cartridge packaging

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The die line / template is free

The YARK offers competitive pricing on customized printing boxes, with no additional charges for dies, or cutting plates, thus providing the best possible products and services.

Turnaround time for samples is 3-5 days

Your design and product requirements will be turned into reality by professional sample group teams at YARK.

To ensure customers can sell their new products in a timely manner, efficient sample production and continuous improvement are essential.

Our in-house design team

No need to worry about not having a good package plan for your products.

Just tell us what you need, and our designers will provide the best plan for you. Whether you need it in .AI, .PDF,  or 3D, we can make it happen for you.

Low Minimum Quantity Available

YARK accepts low minimum production orders to accommodate start-ups and small businesses.

As a company, we are committed to helping companies grow.

Custom sizes & styles available

YARK covers all your packaging needs, from packaging sizes to packaging colors to packaging styles.

to cardboard materials to packaging designs on demand.

Timely production turnaround

YARK specializes in short-term procedures and designing techniques, as well as automatic production lines,

Making sure you receive your customized packaging as quickly as possible.

Management of printing

Color management is strictly enforced, and the packaging will be printed according to the artwork.

Your money will be well spent, and you won't have to worry about color reality.


Our mission is to always provide quality products at reasonable prices and to attract more markets for our customers


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